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Physiotherapy (or Physical Therapy) helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability or needs to regain function after surgeries. Moreover, physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that assesses, diagnoses, treats and works to prevent disability. Here, I treat any musculoskeletal problems that you are facing, like neck, shoulder, back, knee and ankle pain and injuries.


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

In physiotherapy you can get back on track to have pain-free movement, which is essential to be able to do your favorite physical activities, to prevent a lot of chronic diseases, and to have a good time too. You can recover well from a large variety of conditions with physiotherapy.

I have mentioned some of my services here with a short explanation of them.

Pain management

Pain in the musculoskeletal system and painful activities can be caused by different factors, for example low back pain, which usually is the result of a bad posture, this matters can be treated fast with proper exercises and education.

Treatment of musculoskeletal pains like neck pain or lower back pain with specific exercises and control had a tremendous outcome even after the first session.

Posture correction

If we don’t pay enough attention to our postures in lying, sitting and standing positions, pain and painful activities might be the result. Correct posture in different positions can be thought and with self-monitoring the pain can be avoided in future. 

With specific education and proper exercises, the musculoskeletal pain related to faulty posture can be prevented to be turned into more complicated situations.

Post injury and surgery rehabilitation

Proper healing and getting back to normal function is a crucial part of post-injury and post-surgery rehabilitation, it is also needed to prevent further diseases caused by the lack of physical activity after these situations.

The proper treatment is based on the injury and the rehabilitation timeline of the injury or surgery.

Pilates for Rehabilitation

The interest and popularity of Pilates is increasing worldwide. In addition to being used in fitness programs, it is being used in some rehabilitation programs to develop improvements in pain, disability, physical and psychological perception of health in participants. 

Pilates exercises showed to have a good effect on the torso and the usage of the specific exercises for treatment of a problematic body segment had shown a good outcome.

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About Me

I have graduated from Semmelweis University, BSc. Physiotherapy in 2019 and working as a private physiotherapist. I Have Mulligan manual therapy technique upper and lower quadrant certificate, McKenzie method for back pain, cervical and thoracic and lower limb treatment Certificate and online Med Bridge courses for low back pain, shoulder treatment and leg mobility. I believe the proper healing is a combination of therapeutic exercises, manual therapies, home exercises and controlling.

Vahid N.



My physical therapist for the past few months has been Vahid. Throughout my preoperative preparations, Vahid's support was essential, and his stern yet friendly personality sped up my recovery throughout the postoperative therapy. The therapy seamlessly transitioned over time to include the treatment of chronic issues as well as individualized exercises to improve stamina, strength, and balance. All painful activities turned very efficient and even fun because to Vahid's in-depth knowledge of physiotherapy, his well-founded customized and diversified training strategies, and his cheery nature. My anticipation for our training sessions never wanes.
Attila Törcsvári
Google Review
He is a professional, kind, attentive and has many good practical ideas and exercises that has truly helped me and my family members every time we needed!
Katayoun Rassekh Ebrahimzadeh
Google Review
Well prepared physio therapeutics with a nice and friendly environment. He also gives you good advices for your exercises.
Dániel Faragó
Google Review
Vahid is a friendly, helpful, and highly trained physiotherapist. His exercises helped me a lot to cure my back problems. His wisdom, optimistic view, and great sense of humor helped me even more to recover. I can only recommend him.
Benjámin Szatmári
Google Review
Kizárólag jó tapasztalataim voltak vele. Gipszlevétel után a TB által támogatott gyógytorna helyett választottam őt és nem bántam meg.
Márk Laczkó
Google Review